Part-time administrator needed

Freelance Part-Time Administrator (average of 4-5 hours per week but must be flexible)

Aberdeen Park Maintenance Company (APMC) is responsible for Aberdeen Park in Highbury N5 (see for further details of APMC). We require a part-time administrator - for much of the year this would be about 4-5 hours a week but sometimes we would need more hours (typically during April and June). The key requirement is for a flexible and reliable person who can liaise with residents when needed. Someone living in or near Aberdeen Park would be ideal. Pay is £20 per hour.

Duties include:
- Monitor and deal with incoming emails and correspondence.
- Issue parking permits to residents and update our admin system accordingly.
    - A weekly one-hour public session (at time to be agreed) to issue parking permits.
    - Extra public sessions (about 8 hours per week) for 3-4 weeks during June for the annual renewal of parking permits. 
- Attend the Annual General Meeting and board meetings (c.6 per year, held in the evenings) and write minutes.
- Prepare paperwork for occasional deliveries (e.g. newsletter, AGM papers, annual invoices).
- Occasional deliveries of papers to residents (just within Aberdeen Park).

Public sessions are held at the Highbury Centre in Aberdeen Park.

Please send your application to; and if you have any queries please contact Andy Whitefield (0796 881 6662). Closing date 28th February