The Aberdeen Park Maintenance Company (APMC) owns and manages the public parts of Aberdeen Park, which is a private road with public access. APMC is responsible for the road surface, pavements, road drainage, street lighting, trees and other vegetation, street cleaning, and control of parking. APMC also from time to time represents its members on issues such as planning applications and development of sites in and around the Park when either the whole of Aberdeen Park or a significant proportion is affected.  APMC has no influence and does not get involved in individual planning applications.  Please see conservation and planning page.

APMC is a company limited by guarantee which effectively operates as a not-for-profit business. It aims only to cover its current costs each year, while accumulating a capital account for future major expenditure, such as resurfacing the road.

All freeholders and long leaseholders in Aberdeen Park are entitled to be members of the company. The members elect a board of directors at the company’s Annual General Meeting and the board elects a chairman, treasurer and company secretary. The board is collectively responsible for the day to day running of Aberdeen Park and is assisted by a part-time administrator, who the board appoints.

We are always looking for new members to join the board. If you can spare a few hours a month and would like to find out more please contact Andy on 07968 816662.

The board encourages all members of the company, and other residents of Aberdeen Park, to participate in the affairs of APMC. Residents can raise – and are urged to raise – with the board, individual directors or the administrator any matters they feel are important to preserving or enhancing the highly attractive and unusual ambience of Aberdeen Park. 


The current board consists of:  Andy Whitefield: Chair                        
Kate Pothalingam: Treasurer, CCTV
Ian Mylam: Parking                              
Sarah Polden: Trees                           
Phil Gillies: Website, CCTV              
Michelle Franklin: Website                 
Anne Williamson:  Street lighting        Mirella Lombardo: Estate Tadeusz Gielas: Estate                       Sara Patel: Company Secretary, CCTV The Board is assisted by our Administrator Zoe: