Q: Who can park in Aberdeen Park?

A: All residents and their visitors who have valid permits. See 'Parking'.

Q: What should I do if I see a street light that is broken?

A: Please contact APMC either by email or use the enquiry form on the contact page. See 'lighting'.

Q: What should I do if I have contractors working at my property to ensure they can park?

A: Commercial vehicles are permitted to park outside properties where they are working without a permit but should display a notice indicating which property they are working at.  See 'Parking'.

Q: Does the APMC board get involved in planning issues?

A: The board will only get involved if all or a significant proportion of the properties in Aberdeen Park are affected. See 'Conservation and Planning'.

Q: How much is this year's annual levy?

A: For the current rates please see the road levy page. See 'Road Levy'.

Q: Is a Single Person Discount available for the road levy?

A: Yes, please see the road levy page. See 'Road Levy'.

Q: How do I obtain a parking permit if I have recently moved in?

A: Permits can be obtained from the APMC office on Saturdays between 10.30 and 11.30. See parking

Q: If I change my car do I need to get the permit changed?

A: Yes, the permit has the registration number of the car on it, so you will need to obtain a new permit. See parking

Q: Can I obtain a parking permit outside the renewal period?

A: Yes, permits can be obtained from the office during normal opening hours (10.30-11.30 on Saturdays.  Please bring proof of residence and vehicle registration documents. See parking

Q: I am moving to Aberdeen Park and need some information for my solicitor/conveyancing

A: Please contact Sara Patel at sarapatel3@aol.com