Street cleaning

Street cleaning is contracted out to Islington Cleansing Services Ltd (ICSL), a company which Islington Council also uses throughout the borough. ICSL provides road sweeping once a week and empties the communal litter bins. Find out more.

The contract is renewed annually. A gardener employed by APMC maintains the grass verges, the island at the entrance to Aberdeen Park and other vegetation.

Refuse collection

Rubbish collection is also undertaken by ICSL, but is paid for through the Council Tax and is the responsibility of Islington Council. From the beginning of February 2017 the collection day for both rubbish and recycling is Thursday.  Household rubbish must be placed in bins or wheelie bins which the council will not provide free of charge.   The dustmen will also collect up to six green bags of garden waste at any one time. Recyclable rubbish - paper (including newspapers), cardboard, glass and plastic bottles - need to be put in the green bins, which the council does provide.  Food waste recycling is also available - small food caddies are provided for use in the kitchen and larger, secure bins are also available for pavement collection.

ICSL will also collect large items, for example old furniture, on other days during the week if asked to do so. There is a charge for this service, for details and how to book see the Islington Council website.  In addition, the Council runs a Household Reuse & Recycling Centre, the entrance to which is in Hornsey Street, off Holloway Road near the Holloway Road Underground station.  For more information go to Islington Council Recycling)


As an extra service, APMC provides a skip every quarter, which is placed at different points around the Park. The months are February, May, August, November. The skip is intended for big items, large amounts of garden waste and so on. Please do not fill it up with builder’s waste. That takes up a lot of space – even in a skip! Contractors should dispose of builder’s waste themselves.

If you need to bring in your own skip, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Email Tadeusz ( at least one week before you intend the skip to be put in place, requesting permission for placing the skip outside the relevant premises

  2. Damage to the road surface, pathways, grass verges etc., is the responsibility of the occupant of the premises for which the skip has been requested, and they must bear all costs associated with any repairs deemed to be necessary. To minimise the risk of damaging the road surface, we require skips to be placed on a layer of timber (e.g. timber planks or boards) for the entire period that the skip is located in Aberdeen Park. These boards or planks should be placed in such a way as to be clearly visible. We also require contractors/builders to place boards over any grass verges that they are crossing with barrows or other heavy equipment that damage the grass.

  3. Skips must not be overloaded, thereby allowing rubbish to fall off into the roadway pathway.

  4. Skips must be removed as soon as full and replaced or removed completely.

  5. Where possible, a cover must be placed over the skip to alleviate unnecessary dumping by unknown persons.

  6. Email or send a note to Tadeusz when skip is no longer required so an inspection may be carried out for any damage or reinstatement works that need to be carried out by APMC.