Who Needs a Parking Permit?

Aberdeen Park is a private road and you need a permit to park here at any time – day or night. Parking permits are issued free to residents, both for your own cars and for visitors. Please remember to give your visitors a permit to use while they are here – and to collect it from them when they leave! If a vehicle is clearly a commercial vehicle it may park without a permit, so long as a clear notice is displayed in the windscreen with the address of the property at which the driver is working.

Permits are renewed each year, from 1st July. New permits will be available from the beginning of the previous June and will be valid from the time of issue. For a few weeks both old and new permits may be valid, but from 1st July only the new permits will be. Permits will only be issued to residences where the APMC Road Levy has been paid.

Permits can be obtained outside the main issue period in June but only during the APMC office hours which is 18.30 to 19.30 on Tuesdays at the Highbury Centre.  To obtain a permit residents will need to bring proof of residence and vehicle registration documents.

(Note: From w/c 23rd September to w/c 4th November, opening hours will be 18:30-19:30 on Wednesdays. Tuesday evenings will recommence from Tuesday 10th November)

It is illegal to remove or immobilise vehicles on private roads. However vehicles without authorised parking permits may be given parking tickets by companies registered with the British Parking Association.. The tickets will be issued by wardens from our contractor UK Parking Control ( They will give 10 minutes grace before issuing a ticket.

The fine will be £100 which will be reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. If Residents who have previously obtained a Resident’s Permit for their own vehicle receive a ticket because they have failed to display their Resident’s Permit, then the fine will only be £15. This concession will not apply to Visitor’s Permits.

We will not issue Resident’s permits for Foreign Registered vehicles since the DVLA requires such vehicles to register in the UK if the vehicle stays in the UK for more than 6 months.

REMEMBER: Your permit must be clearly visible from the front windscreen to be valid, showing the car registration number in the case of a Resident’s Permit or address in the case of a Visitor’s Permit. Producing a valid permit after you’ve been ticketed is no defence and will not let you off the parking fine.

Permits are for residents and their visitors only and are not to be passed on or sold. The APMC reserves the right to cancel permits issued to any resident misusing parking permits in any way. We will immediately cancel all permits issued to a household where any permit has been sold.

One day permits are no longer available. If you have a party or reception of some kind at your house please contact Ian Mylam on 07771 604338 or to ask for the Parking patrol and ticketing to be suspended on that particular day. If Ian does not respond, it will be because he is away, in which case please contact or one of the other Directors of APMC. Please give as much notice as possible for this to be arranged.

Courteous Parking Guidelines

It’s very easy for careless parking to upset other residents. To minimise the risk, please ensure that you and your visitors abide by these guidelines. The APMC does reserve the right to cancel permits issued to any resident persistently parking discourteously.

  1. Please do not park directly outside someone else’s gate or door, except for short periods. Please ensure that your vehicle or your visitor’s vehicle is parked as near as possible to your home.

  2. Please ask the same of your visitors.

  3. If you are leaving your car in one place for an extended period, please take particular care in choosing where to park. Please do not park directly outside someone else’s gate or door, or in front of properties that do not have off-street parking . One of the beauties of Aberdeen Park is that there is plenty of space.

  4. If you have off-street parking please use it.

  5. There may be occasions when you need to double park for loading or unloading. Please find a proper parking space as soon as possible.

  6. Try not to park on corners, in front of street benches or by dropped kerbs which are there to enable access for wheelchairs or prams.