CCTV - meeting 18th October 2017

The APMC board is considering installing CCTV cameras in Aberdeen Park and there will be a meeting (EGM) on Wednesday 18th October 2017 to discuss this.  All residents are encouraged to come along and express their views, though only members of APMC will be able to vote.

The meeting will be held in the Fellowship Room, Christ Church, Highbury Grove at 7.30 pm.

The Board urges all residents to come along and say what they think about this important issue.

If you have any questions about the meeting please contact:

Phil Gillies


The Agenda for the meeting is:

1.  Introduction and explanation of the proposal to install CCTV in Aberdeen Park.

2. Discussion.

3. Members’ vote


* Please note the change of venue from the usual AGM







Quarterly Skip - August 2017

The quarterly skip will be arriving this weekend (Friday 4th August) and we have requested that it be placed near the Highbury Centre.  As always we would ask that everyone is careful to place all rubbish inside the skip and not allow anything to overflow onto the roadway or pavement and also a reminder that it is for garden and household waste items only and should not be used for building waste. 

Highbury Grove - gas repairs

British Gas are undertaking major repair work on Highbury Grove over the next few weeks and there will be some disruption to our entrance/exit from Aberdeen Park.  At some point they will close the entrance on one side so that all traffic will have to go out and come in through the same side.  Unfortunately they didn't inform us in advance and they have not made any provision for controlling traffic flow from and to Highbury Grove.

In order to make access easier and safer during this period only the Board has decided to open the gates leading to Aberdeen Road so that cars can enter and exit Aberdeen Park safely.

The gates will be open from today (31st May 2017) until the gas repairs are complete.




Summer Party July 6th 2017

All residents are invited to a Summer Party to be held at the Florence Trust, St Saviour's Church, Aberdeen Park on Thursday 6th July 2017 from 6.30 to 9.30pm.  It is a great opportunity to meet fellow residents of Aberdeen Park and view Florence Trust.  If you wish to bring along a plate of finger food, it would be most welcome.


Quarterly Skip - May 2017

The quarterly skip will be arriving Friday 5th May and will be available over the weekend for the disposal of household rubbish.  It will be placed near St Saviour's Church and will be collected on Monday.  Please could you make sure that the skip is not overfilled and that large items are dismantled as far as possible.  Builders waste should not be placed in the skip as it is for household and garden waste only.  Also please note that paint should not be put into the skip - if you have paint to dispose of, please contact Islington Council who have a collection service for paint and other hazardous chemicals.

Tree maintenance April 2017

During week commencing 10th April 2017 out tree maintenance contractor will be carrying out the annual maintenance on the trees around the Park.

This work will involve:

Lime outside no. 3 Reduce crown by 25-30%

Horse Chestnut at boundary 35/33 Re-reduce/pollard

Horse Chestnut outside 35 Re- reduce/pollard

Horse Chestnut outside 45 Re-reduce/pollard

Birches on spur road Crown lift to 4m from ground level

Re-stake leaning tree

Rowan outside 106 (The Lodge) Reduce crown by 20-25%

Ash outside 63 Re-reduce crown

Ash at boundary 130/128 Reduce crown by 20-25%

Horse Chestnut outside 19 (between streetlight & pedestrian crossing point)


You may be asked to move any parked cars whilst this work is carried out.  Thank you for your co-operation.



Quarterly Skip February 2017

The quarterly skip that is provided for the residents of Aberdeen Park will be arriving at the end of the first week in February.  For more information about this facility please see the Street Cleaning and Refuse page of this website.

2016/7 parking permits

2016/7 parking permits will be available for collection from 11th June 2016 from the APMC office in the Highbury Centre.  For dates and times that the office is open please see the parking section of this website.