Update on CCTV - meeting 18th October 2017

At a well attended EGM at Christ Church on Highbury Grove, the resolution was discussed and was passed by an overwhelming majority.  Accordingly the Board will now progress the installation of CCTV in Aberdeen Park.





The APMC board is considering installing CCTV cameras in Aberdeen Park and there will be a meeting (EGM) on Wednesday 18th October 2017 to discuss this.  All residents are encouraged to come along and express their views, though only members of APMC will be able to vote.

The meeting will be held in the Fellowship Room, Christ Church, Highbury Grove at 7.30 pm.

The Board urges all residents to come along and say what they think about this important issue.



The Agenda for the meeting is:

1.  Introduction and explanation of the proposal to install CCTV in Aberdeen Park.

2. Discussion.

3. Members’ vote


* Please note the change of venue from the usual AGM